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CSME Program Application and Admission

The CSME M.S. and Ph.D. Programs have distinct administrative structures, and therefore have separate application and admission procedures.

CSME M.S. Program Application and Admission

The CSME M.S. Program will not be admitting students for the 2022-2023 academic year. If you have further questions about the CSME M.S. Program, please contact the central CSME Program Administrator within the UCSD Mathematics Department:

CSME Administrative Contact
Center for Computational Mathematics
University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive #0112
La Jolla, CA 92093-0112

Office: AP&M 7409
TEL: (858) 534-9056
FAX: (858) 534-5273

CSME Ph.D. Program Application and Admission

Application and admission to the CSME Ph.D. Program is handled by the graduate admissions committees in the individual participating departments, together with the CSME admissions committee. Contact one of the departments listed on the Participating Faculty and Departments webpage that is closest to your primary area of interest in science, mathematics or engineering, and ask about the application and admissions procedure for their department and for the CSME specialization to their doctoral degree. The CSME Ph.D. proposal (posted as a PDF file on the CSME Resources webpage) gives some idea of the background expected of applicants to the program.

For more information about applying to the CSME Ph.D. Program, contact one of the participating departments listed on the Participating Faculty and Departments webpage. If you are having difficulty identifying or reaching the appropriate CSME contact person within the department you are interested in pursuing your doctoral degree, please contact the CSME Administrator using the information given above; they will direct you to the appropriate contact person within the department of interest.

CSME Ph.D. and M.S. Major Codes

The following are the major codes used by CSME Ph.D. students within each department; these are distinct from the normal Ph.D. codes, and must be used when registering for classes in order to receive the specialization on completion of the requirements for the Ph.D.

Chemistry & Biochemistry CH78
Computer Science & Engineering CS81
Mathematics MA80
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering MC82
Physics PY79
Structural Engineering SE80

The recently approved standalone CSME M.S. program also has its own distinct major code for registering for classes as a CSME M.S. student; the code is:

CSME M.S. Program CU75

Useful information for graduate students admitted into the CSME Program is a short HOWTO document (PDF file, written by our first CSME doctoral student, circa 2007) explaining how to officially register at UCSD as a CSME doctoral (also masters) student. See the HOWTO document (PDF).