CSME Graduate Program Administrative Staff (Primary Contact)
  Juan Rodriguez (AP&M 7409, Phone/FAX: 858-534-9056/5273, jcr009@ucsd.edu)

CSME Graduate Program Co-Directors
(Co-directors from Physical Sciences and Engineering.)
•  Mathematics: Michael Holst (Professor, Mathematics and Physics)
•  Science: Julius Kuti (Professor, Physics)
•  Engineering: Thomas Bewley (Professor, MAE)

CSME Graduate Program Executive Committee
(Each Participating Department, Physical Sciences, Engineering, SDSC, and Administration.)
  Chemistry: Francesco Paesani (Assistant Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry)
•  Mathematics: Randolph Bank (Professor, Mathematics)
•  Physics: Julius Kuti (Professor, Physics)
•  CSE: Scott Baden (Professor, CSE)
•  MAE: Padmini Rangamani (Associate Professor, MAE)
•  SE: J.S. Chen (Professor, SE)
•  SDSC: Michael Norman (Professor, Physics; SDSC Director)
•  Ex-Officio: Melvin Leok (Professor, Mathematics)

CSME Graduate Program Advisory Committee
CSME Graduate Program Core Faculty (Partial List)
CSME Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Participating Units

The CSME M.S. Program is a standalone, campus-wide interdisciplinary program involving almost all of the science, mathematics, and engineering departments and divisions on campus. The CSME Ph.D. Program is based on existing Ph.D. programs in six core departments; doctoral students in these departments who participate in the CSME Ph.D. program obtain a formal UC ``Specialization in Computational Science'' as an additional credential with their doctoral degree. The six departments which fully participate in the CSME Ph.D. program as of Spring 2010 are: Image
CSME Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Participating Divisions

The following academic divisions, research units, and research institutes participate in the CSME Program through representation on the CSME Executive and/or Advisory Committees, supervising CSME graduate students, and offering CMSE courses: Image Additional centers and institutes associated with the CSME Program are listed in the CSME Ph.D. and M.S. proposals, which can be found on the CSME Resources webpage.